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25 May 2019 – 8 pm
Bruneck, Stegener Marktplatz
Admission from 4 pm

Andreas Gabalier in Brunico-Bruneck - South Tyrol! With triumphant albums, sold-out live tours and millions of fans, this Austrian singer-songwriter hit the dizzy heights of success in the German-speaking world long ago. His ascent has been breathtaking - the reigning folk rock ‘n’ roller! Keeper of the arm bandana, holder of the Arnie memorial muscle, and inventor of the Gabalier quiff and the deer's antler microphone! He has blown the dust off folk music, freed it from exile in the folk clubs and taken it to the big arenas and concert halls - teamed with tonnes of rock ‘n’ roll. With his folk rock ‘n’ roll, Gabalier has forged a completely new genre - folk music reloaded! The sincerity of his lyrics and the sheer energy with which he performs rock ‘n’ roll heavy labour at his concerts will delight the public in Bruneck’s Rathausplatz too!