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The cultural association La Papessa is the creator of the Biennale della Fotografia Femminile from March 5th through the 8th 2020 in Mantova, a city rich with art and history, elected as capital of culture 2016.THE BIENNALEThe theme of this first edition of the Biennale is work. There will be a selection of projects by national and international professional female photographers. These exhibitions will take place in historic locations of the city and will be open all weekends (Friday-Sunday) through the month of March. During the four opening days, there will be creative workshops, conferences, author presentations, with the participation of important figures in photography and other fields. There will also be portfolio readings, interviews, and an Open Call for the Off Circuit. THE ARTISTS The authors are: Daro Sulakauri (Georgia), Giulia Bianchi (Italy), Rena Effendi (Azerbaijan), Sandra Hoyn (Germany), Erika Larsen (USA), Annalisa Natali Murri (Italy), Eliza Bennett (United Kingdom), Claudia Corrent (Italy), Betty Colombo (Italy). Another exhibition will be dedicated to a selection of photographs taken in Cuba that concern work, women and the island. Aldeide Delgado is the curator of this exhibition, as well as the founder and director of WOPHA (Women Photographers International Archive). Furthermore, Donata Pizzi, a collector and photographer, will be lending a part of her collection of Italian female photographers from 1965 to 2018, the same collection that toured Italy with the exhibition “L'altro sguardo”.LOCATIONS With the support of the Municipality the Biennale will be tied to locations that are not always open to the public, historical locations and contemporary art galleries, allowing visitors to discover the city through different points of view, like Casa Del Rigoletto, Spazio Arrivabene, Tempio di San Sebastiano, ex convent of S. Lucia, Galleria Disegno, Galleria Corraini, Palazzo Broletto and Loggia del Grano. You can follow all the updates of the Biennale della Fotografia Femminile on the website, Instagram profile and Facebook page.