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Culture, entertainment, meetings and experimentation: the Museo Nicolis of Villafranca, the “Museum that is not a Museum” , tells the story of contemporary society.

Vintage cars and motorbikes, transport vehicles, musical instruments, cameras, typewriters and original objects…. Thesurprising collections of Museo Nicolis, in Villafranca, are the marks of a Heritage, which has been preserved, improvedand handed down, incorporating the most modern conception of the term “heritage”.

The “MUSEO NICOLIS DELL’AUTO, DELLA TECNICA e DELLA MECCANICA” in Villafranca, near Verona, is one of the most prestigious private museums in Italy and in Europe. Open to various forms of innovation and experimentation, it is the lively promoter of culture and a hub of attraction for the whole territory. Managed using an entrepreneurial logic,the museum is known to be the effective and tangible example of an enterprise- museum; an “unconventional”cultural institution that promotes knowledge and innovation without losing sight of the objectives of growth and development. Museo Nicolis was one of the first associates of Museimpresa, the Italian Association of Archives and Business Museums estabilished in 2001 by Assolombarda and Confindustria and today it is also a member of the Managing Council

7 Collections and hundreds of exclusive items
Created by Luciano Nicolis, an entrepreneur from Verona, who has brought together his passion for technology and mechanics in this very modern steel and glass building (6.000 m²), the museum has been opened to the public since its opening in 2000 and is now one of the most important cultural references on our territory. It houses 7 collections, whose numbers are incredible: over 100 cars, 120 bicycles of the great champions, 105 motorbikes, 500 cameras, 120 musical instruments, 100 typewriters, but also small airplanes and original works of human talent. The historical archive and the library are full of old documents and finds that will satisfy even the most demanding researches and tell the evolution of society and contemporary man through the history of transport.